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Ann Maddox Opens Up About Seeing Tom Sandoval at Vanderpump Rules Reunion After Joining Ariana Madix’s Team

Ann Maddox, who previously worked as Tom Sandoval’s assistant, expressed nervousness about seeing him at the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion after she began working for his ex, Ariana Madix, and Katie Maloney at their sandwich shop, Something About Her. Despite her concerns, the tension was eased when Sandoval made a friendly joke about sandwiches, and Maddox has since been enjoying her new role, appreciating the opportunity to work with and learn from powerful women in a supportive environment.

Ann Maddox, former assistant to Tom Sandoval, expressed nervousness about seeing him at the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion after starting to work for his ex, Ariana Madix, but was relieved when Sandoval made a friendly joke, easing any tension.

Ann Maddox was all jittery about bumping into Tom Sandoval, her old boss, at the Vanderpump Rules reunion. It got even more awkward since she’d jumped ship to work with his ex, Ariana Madix. “I feel really bad, dude. I’m so sorry,” Ann spilled to Us Weekly, amidst her Alexa promo spiel on a sunny Wednesday. She couldn’t resist the chance to team up with Ariana, a woman she admired. “Life’s too short,” she said, shrugging off any guilt.

Walking into that reunion felt like stepping on a landmine. Especially since she’d aligned with Ariana, 38, and Katie Maloney at their new venture, Something About Her. Back when she was Sandoval’s right hand, Ann played peacekeeper during his and Ariana’s rocky patch. “My job? Making things less awkward,” she declared, a hint of pride in her voice. “And I’m all about the people, you know?”

The reunion had Ann on edge, fearing Sandoval’s cold shoulder over her new gig. Yet, a sandwich joke from him broke the ice. “It relieved any tension,” she admitted. That moment when your past and present collide, and it’s all cool? Priceless.

Since joining Something About Her, Ann’s been buzzing with excitement. “It’s been great,” she gushed, probably while sipping her morning latte. She loves that her bosses are all inspiring women. Working with Ariana and Katie, friends turned co-visionaries, thrilled her to no end.

Oh, and about the show? Rumors swirled that Bravo hit pause on season 12 of Vanderpump Rules. The gossip mills worked overtime, churning out tales of delayed production following a juicy scandal. But that’s a story for another day.

Ann’s not just a reality TV side character; she’s a tech-savvy assistant, thanks to her Alexa-enabled gadgets like Echo Frames and Echo Pop. “I literally tell her my schedule,” Ann shared, probably while multitasking like a pro. Those shower and driving thoughts? Alexa’s got them noted.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is out there, streaming on Peacock. Just in case you were wondering.

And that’s the scoop, straight from Ann Maddox herself, with a little help from Christina Garibaldi’s reporting.

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