CelebritiesBlogAndy Cohen Surprised by Porsha Williams' Split from Simon Guobadia

Andy Cohen Surprised by Porsha Williams’ Split from Simon Guobadia

Andy Cohen expressed surprise at Porsha Williams’ announcement of her split from Simon Guobadia, noting that her return to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was meant to be a celebratory season for her. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Cohen emphasized that the show welcomed Williams back in any capacity, underscoring the cast and production’s support for her during this time.

Andy Cohen expressed surprise over Porsha Williams’ split from Simon Guobadia, emphasizing that her return to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was not influenced by her divorce, which was unexpected news to him and the show’s producers.

Andy Cohen was genuinely taken aback. He didn’t see Porsha Williams’ split from Simon Guobadia coming. At all. “Porsha announced last week that she’s leaving Simon,” he said, sounding almost bewildered. And, oh, the timing! Right when the gossip mills started churning about Simon’s immigration woes. Cohen just couldn’t wrap his head around it. He shared this on his Sirius XM show, Andy Cohen Live, on a chilly Monday, February 26.

Porsha’s decision to divorce, Cohen clarified, had zip to do with her Bravo comeback. Yep, Porsha’s strutting back to The Real Housewives of Atlanta after a two-year break. “None of us knew any of this was on the horizon,” Cohen admitted. He thought this season would be Porsha’s victory lap; her fairy-tale ending. But life, as it often does, had other plans.

Cohen was rooting for Porsha, regardless of her marital status. Single, married, piecing her life back together – didn’t matter. He wanted her on the show for her. The rest of the RHOA gang felt the same, thrilled to have Williams back in any capacity. Cohen’s support didn’t waver, even as the narrative took a sharp turn from what everyone expected. “Sending love to Porsha,” he added, a touch of warmth in his voice.

The news of Porsha filing for divorce hit the headlines on Friday, February 23. A source close to the situation insisted the split wasn’t about Simon’s citizenship drama. Just days before, rumors about his residency denials had been swirling. Porsha broke her silence shortly after, thanking her supporters on Instagram. “Thank you for your prayers & support. -PW,” she posted on Sunday, February 25.

Porsha and Simon had tied the knot in November 2022 after a whirlwind year-long engagement. “Mr. & Mrs. Guobadia 🇳🇬🙏🏾❤️,” Porsha had gushed on Instagram, sharing snapshots of their wedding. She was grateful for the love and support, optimistic about the future. “The best is yet to come!!”

Before Simon, Porsha’s love life had its ups and downs. She was married to Kordell Stewart from 2011 to 2013. Then came Dennis McKinley, with whom she had an on-and-off relationship from 2017 to 2020. Their daughter, Pilar, was born in March 2019. Simon, on his part, brought five children from a previous marriage into their blended family.

The plot thickened when it was revealed Simon was once married to Falynn Guobadia, a former RHOA star. Porsha and Simon’s relationship raised eyebrows, sparking rumors it began before his divorce from Falynn, 34, was finalized. Porsha vehemently denied these speculations, defending their love story against skeptics.

Life’s a peach, they say, especially in the world of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cast members come and go, but the door always seems to be open for a return. Take NeNe Leakes, for example. She left the show in season 7, only to make a grand re-entrance in 2018. The saga of the peaches continues, with Porsha’s latest chapter adding yet another twist to the tale.

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