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Amanda Batula & Kyle Cooke from Summer House Clarify They Were Not Looking for a House in New Jersey

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke from “Summer House” were rumored to be house-hunting in New Jersey, but Amanda clarified that they were actually looking at properties in the Hamptons, New York, as a potential escape from the city and an investment opportunity. Despite the confusion, the couple, who married in 2021 and are based in Manhattan, were exploring options for a change of scenery and possibly preparing for family planning, amidst dealing with Amanda’s fertility and hormonal issues.

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke from “Summer House” clarified they were not house hunting in New Jersey but were looking at properties in the Hamptons as a potential escape from the city and investment opportunity, despite fan speculation and a mistaken property location.

Oh boy, the buzz around “Summer House” stars Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke has taken quite the turn. Everyone thought they were eyeing a new nest in New Jersey. But, plot twist! During a recent episode, they let slip about considering a move to the Garden State. They even checked out a place. However, fans with eagle eyes and probably too much time on their hands found out that the $1.4 million pad is actually in Southampton, New York. Not New Jersey. Oops.

Social media detectives, aka people who love a good Zillow stalk, uncovered the truth. The three-bedroom rental isn’t anywhere near Jersey. Amanda quickly set the record straight. She hopped onto Instagram to clear the air. “We weren’t trying to pretend it was NJ,” she explained. They were all about finding a Hamptons hideaway to escape the city hustle. But, the dream crashed hard with the reality of real estate prices. “Sorry to anyone who felt tricked,” she added. Honestly, who hasn’t daydreamed about a getaway spot only to be slapped by the price tag?

In a bit of a side note, Amanda and Kyle tied the knot back in 2021. They’re city folks through and through, spending their summers in a vacation home with friends. This whole setup is what “Summer House” is all about. During one of the episodes, Amanda mentioned they were looking at the property as an “investment.” Makes sense, right?

Amanda did hint at wanting a change of scenery. She’s over their current apartment, craving some outdoor space. “Sometimes I just need to remove myself from New York,” she confessed. Can’t blame her, really. The city can be a lot. She’s even considering spending a week or two, or even a month, away from the city buzz. Not at her parents’ place, though. She’s looking for something different.

Meanwhile, Kyle seems pretty content with their city loft. But Amanda’s got bigger plans, especially when thinking about starting a family. “I don’t want to get pregnant with all that riff-raff,” she said. NYC might not be her top pick for raising kids. They’ve hit pause on the family planning for now, as Amanda’s been dealing with some health issues.

Kyle opened up a bit about Amanda’s struggles after she stopped taking birth control. “I don’t wanna say too much on her behalf because this is her own story,” he told Us Weekly. Her body didn’t react well, sparking some concerns. Kyle admires her strength, especially with the hormonal changes and their impact. “I just had so much respect because I don’t think I would’ve had the balls [to be on camera],” he said. She’s been a real trooper through it all.

“Summer House” fans, mark your calendars. The show airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. It’s a peek into their lives, filled with drama, love, and real estate dreams that don’t always go as planned.

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