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Alex Hall from Selling the OC Clarifies Shade Thrown at Brittany Snow Amid Divorce Drama

Alex Hall from “Selling the OC” denied shading Brittany Snow following Snow’s interview on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, despite fan speculation over a video Hall posted that seemed to reference Snow’s comments about her divorce. Despite the rumors and Hall’s subsequent clarification that her post was unrelated to Snow, the ongoing dynamics between Hall, Snow, and Tyler Stanaland continue to captivate audiences, with Hall and Stanaland’s relationship status remaining a topic of interest and speculation.

Alex Hall from “Selling the OC” denied shading Brittany Snow following her “Call Her Daddy” podcast interview, despite speculation about a post seemingly referencing Snow’s discussion of her divorce from Hall’s co-star Tyler Stanaland.

Oh, the drama of “Selling the OC”! Alex Hall threw some shade—or did she? Fans were all abuzz when she posted a video that seemed to throw a bit of shade Brittany Snow’s way. But let’s not jump the gun here.

Hall, at 35, shared this intriguing video on Instagram. It was Wednesday, March 27. People thought it was about Brittany Snow’s chat on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. You know, the one where she opened up about her divorce from Tyler Stanaland, Hall’s Netflix co-star.

Hall’s post was cryptic, to say the least. “Imagine talking s—t about me in your ugly town to your stinky friend & I’m just over here having breakfast in Lake Como before I head to my massage,” she penned. Quite the visual, right? She’s munching away, enjoying the view, while dropping this bombshell.

And then, there was the “PSA” in her caption. It was all about focusing on yourself, your goals. “You will never be criticized by someone doing more than you,” she advised. It’s all about keeping those blinders on, folks.

But wait, there’s more. Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland? They were pretty hush-hush about their love story until their 2022 split. Snow was all about the married life in 2021, telling Us Weekly how pandemic marriage was the ultimate test. They seemed solid, right?

Despite the chatter, Hall set the record straight. Or tried to. She insisted her post wasn’t about Snow. “Y’all are here to stir up your own drama for reeeeeal,” she clapped back in the comments. Drama, indeed.

On “Call Her Daddy,” Snow spilled the beans. She hinted that what fans suspected about her and Stanaland’s split was true. Post-split, Stanaland was seen hanging with Hall. And Kayla Cardona? She told Us Weekly it was Hall Snow needed to watch, not her.

Fast forward to January 2023. Snow filed for divorce. Hall, meanwhile, was all about friendship with Stanaland, dismissing dating rumors. “Dating for me is just another chore,” she confessed to Us.

Their divorce was settled by July 2023. It was pretty straightforward, sticking to their prenup. No spousal support, just splitting what was in their joint accounts.

Then came the steamy hot tub kiss between Hall and Stanaland in the season 2 finale. “We’re still kind of trying to figure it out,” Stanaland told Us. They remained close friends, but the future was a big question mark.

Hall teased that season 3 would reveal more about their relationship. Then, she was spotted with a mystery man in California. Drama, drama, drama.

Polly Brindle, their co-star, hinted that season 3 would dive deep into Hall and Stanaland’s evolving relationship. “It’s a wild ride,” she promised Us.

Snow, reflecting on her divorce, admitted the “Selling the OC” cast occupied too much of her thoughts. “I don’t want to give them any more time and energy,” she declared. She was ready to move on, to not let them “win” by taking her time and energy. What a saga, right?

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