Oh boy, Ben Willoughby’s decision to buck against Captain Kerry Titheradge over cabin inspections on Below Deck? Yeah, that stirred the pot big time. It was during the episode on May 20, and let me tell you, it was something.

Ben, oh Ben. He really didn’t hold back, questioning Kerry’s authority not once, but multiple times. Imagine that! He even had a bit to say to the cameras. Something about Captain Kerry getting his "knickers in a knot" because it was the last charter. "Just chill out," he said. Can you believe it? Ben felt he had to just nod along, biting his tongue till the end. Annoying, he called it.

And the complaints? They just kept coming from Kerry. Ben was over it, totally fed up. He mentioned something about micromanaging and not caring if Kerry was the Captain or God. He felt stuck in a no-win situation.

Meanwhile, there’s a side note about the biggest feuds in Below Deck history. Trust me, it’s juicy stuff. But back to Ben and Kerry. Kerry was on about keeping the boat’s exterior clean and the anchor drop mistakes. Ben wasn’t having any of it, likening Kerry to a military figure without any warning signs before dropping you into trouble. "It’s not the military, mate," he said. "It’s a bloody superyacht."

Kerry, on his end, was expecting more from his crew. He couldn’t believe the slack. "I am getting really annoyed today," he confessed. It was baffling to him why his team wasn’t meeting expectations. And then, boom, cabin inspections were announced. Not something Below Deck viewers see all the time, but Kerry was all about maintaining standards, safety, and cleanliness, no matter what.

The crew had a heads-up about the inspections, yet Ben and deckhand Kyle Stillie were like, "Nah, not doing it." Ben was pretty bold, questioning what Kerry would even do about it. He thought the charter guests should be the main focus, not cabin tidiness.

Despite his protests, the show caught Ben not exactly being busy with work but rather goofing off. Only Fraser Olender seemed to get the point of cabin checks, calling them important for showing respect to the vessel.

Scores were given out for the cabin conditions, and let’s just say, not everyone was thrilled. When Kerry reached Ben and Kyle’s room, he was beyond disappointed. It was a mess, and to him, a sign of utter disrespect.

Kerry’s old-school, respecting the hierarchy and all. He took it as a personal affront, a big "f—k you" to his captaincy. He confronted Ben and Kyle, who just said they were "working" and couldn’t tidy up. Kerry was livid, seeing it as blatant disrespect after he’d been out there helping them.

This whole ordeal was a bit of a preview of the friction between Ben and Kerry that Ben hinted at in a chat with Us Weekly. He mentioned a learning curve with Kerry’s military-style leadership, which didn’t mesh well with his own style.

And that’s the scoop. Below Deck season 11, with all its drama, airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. Catch the next day’s drama on Peacock if you miss it.

Kelly Garcia
Kelly Garcia
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