Oh boy, where do I even start? So, there’s this 90 Day Fiancé star, Stephanie Matto. She’s spilled some major tea about her past. And not just any old gossip. We’re talking nanny secrets from the Big Apple.

She was once a nanny, y’know? In her 20s, living the dream in NYC. Upper West Side, acting school by day, nanny by afternoons and evenings. Sounds pretty standard, right? Well, hold onto your hats.

This family she worked for? High-profile. Like, really high up there. They wanted someone bilingual, artsy, and who could play the piano. Stephanie was all, "Yep, that’s me," and got the job on the spot. The kid was an angel, the job was a breeze. But then, there was the dad.

Ah, the dad. A big shot in the sports world. Rarely around, but when he was, things felt… off. Like, he’d hang out, which was cool and all, but also kinda weird?

And then, celebs loving 90 Day Fiancé? Totally relatable. I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of reality TV drama? Pete Davidson’s a fan, which kinda makes me like him more.

Back to Stephanie. She first popped up on our screens in 2020, and later, in a bizarre twist, started selling her farts in jars. Because, why not? But let’s not get sidetracked.

The dad started taking an odd interest in Stephanie’s life. Compliments that were a tad too personal. A kitchen encounter that was way too close for comfort. Classic red flags, am I right?

Then, the Instagram stalker saga. A mysterious new follower with a sports team logo. Direct messages that were way too forward. And the dad, wearing a cap with that same logo. Coincidence? Stephanie thought not.

She confronted the mystery Instagrammer, only to be ghosted. Days later, she’s out of a job. Was it the dad? We may never know.

Stephanie’s takeaway? No more nannying for the uber-rich. Can’t say I blame her.

And there you have it. A nanny gig gone wrong, a reality star’s past unearthed, and a mystery that’s got us all scratching our heads. Only in New York, folks. Only in New York.

Kelly Garcia
Kelly Garcia
Kelly Garcia is a writer for CelebsAges. She enjoys writing about the most recent Entertainment news and trends. Kelly graduated from Rowan University, with a degree in creative writing. She loves to write, enjoys traveling, and to spend time with her friends.
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