Scheana Shay’s got some mixed vibes about Ariana Madix possibly cheering for the curtain call on Vanderpump Rules. It was during a cozy Friday chat on her "Scheananigans" podcast when this all spilled out. A fan just had to know if Ariana really ticked that ‘yes’ box in a poll about the show’s finale. And Scheana? She’s all about supporting her buddy’s dreams. Always has been. If reality TV’s lost its sparkle for Ariana, then hey, it’s Broadway and Love Island calling her name.

But here’s the tea – Ariana could totally step away from the Vanderpump Rules gang if she wanted. Scheana’s pretty sure her pal’s got a lineup of cool gigs waiting. And if it’s time to move on? Totally gets it. Despite the opportunities rolling in for Ariana post-Tom Sandoval’s scandal, Scheana wasn’t exactly thrilled to see her voting for the show’s end. It’s a bit of a pickle, really.

On one hand, as a friend, she’s all in for supporting Ariana’s next chapter. But, as a coworker, it’s a tad frustrating. This show’s a big chunk of how Scheana and Lala Kent, both mamas, bring home the bacon. It’s tricky when your life and job are so tangled up. Scheana’s feelings? Definitely mixed. She respects boundaries but can’t help feeling a bit irked as a coworker.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 wasn’t just a rollercoaster for fans but for the cast too. The drama hit its peak when Sandoval’s affair with Raquel “Rachel” Leviss came to light. Ariana made it crystal clear she wasn’t up for any chit-chat with Sandoval during the show. Meanwhile, Scheana and Lala had other ideas, offering Sandoval a platform for his apology tour. Scheana even nudged Ariana a few times, hoping she wouldn’t shut the door on their friendship completely.

The drama didn’t just stop there. It exploded during the season finale. Sandoval tried to have a heart-to-heart with Ariana, who wasn’t having any of it. She bounced, leaving the event and Lala to break the fourth wall, airing her grievances about Ariana. Scheana stood by Lala, showing her support, which carried into the reunion’s first part.

Lala was blunt about Ariana, accusing her of coasting through every season. She just couldn’t fathom why Ariana wouldn’t have a simple convo with Sandoval. Off camera, the cast was pretty miffed about Ariana’s approach to the whole season. And now, with the cast divide wider than ever, questions are swirling about what Season 12 will look like.

Word on the street is that Vanderpump Rules is hitting pause, not rushing into filming this summer. Maybe it’s for the best? Scheana thinks so. After the whirlwind of a season and an emotionally charged reunion, a break seems wise. Everyone’s a bit drained, emotionally speaking.

And as for what’s next? The second part of the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion is set to air soon. It’s bound to be a doozy, with all the raw emotions and drama we’ve come to expect. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

Kelly Garcia
Kelly Garcia
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