CelebritiesBlogWinter House: Cast Connections & Romances in Vermont

Winter House: Cast Connections & Romances in Vermont

The cast of Winter House knows how to make long-lasting connections and turn up the heat during the winter in Vermont. While some found love in season 1, such as Ciara Miller and Austen Kroll, others like Lindsay Hubbard had fun in the snow with a hookup buddy. Season 2 saw changes in relationships as Amanda and Kyle were married, and Craig and Paige had begun their own relationship outside of the series.

Winter House cast members find love and make connections in Vermont, with Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo becoming a couple and Lindsay Hubbard getting engaged to Carl Radke.

Winter House: Love in the Snow

Winter House may be set in chilly Stowe, Vermont, but the reality TV cast knows how to make things hot – and sometimes messy – with their vacation romances. In the first season, which premiered in October 2021, Ciara Miller and Austen Kroll kindled a relationship, as did Andrea Denver and Paige DeSorbo. Lindsay Hubbard also found a hookup buddy in newcomer Jason Cameron, while Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula got ready to tie the knot, and the rest of the group had fun in the snow.

By the time season 2 started filming in early 2022, some of the OG cast had new relationships. Kyle and Amanda had gotten married in fall 2021, while Craig Conover and Paige had started dating outside of the show. Although the cast continued to flirt and stir up drama, Craig declared himself and Paige the most “romantic couple” in the house during the October 2022 premiere. Amanda, however, found his comment “comical,” insisting that her husband Kyle would argue the same.

Lindsay started season 2 single but ended up engaged to Summer House castmate and best friend Carl Radke by August 2022. Meanwhile, Austen caused a stir when he kissed Lindsay while he was still pursuing Ciara during an appearance on Summer House season 6 in summer 2021. He later dated his Southern Charm co-star Olivia Flowers, but as of October 2022, they had already gone their separate ways.

Even as some reality TV stars’ relationships shift and change, fans of Winter House can expect to see more snowy fun and romance on their screens. Who will end up sparking a long-lasting connection in the upcoming season 3? Stay tuned to find out.

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