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Vanderpump Rules Alum Vail Bloom Turned Down Opportunity for Her Own Reality Show

Vail Bloom, known for her role on Vanderpump Rules, revealed that she turned down the opportunity to star in her own reality show with Bravo. She explained that she prefers playing a character with a script rather than being herself on television, and that the experience on Vanderpump Rules felt more like playing herself than a character. Bloom also mentioned that although she was not heavily involved in the show’s drama, she still attracts attention from fans who approach her about Vanderpump Rules.

Vail Bloom turned down an offer to star in her own reality show after leaving Vanderpump Rules because she prefers playing scripted characters and didn’t want to portray herself on television.

Title: Vail Bloom Opens Up About Declining Her Own Reality Show After Exiting Vanderpump Rules

Reality TV star Vail Bloom recently revealed that she had the opportunity to star in her own reality show on Bravo after departing from Vanderpump Rules. However, the actress turned down the offer, citing her preference for scripted roles over playing herself on television. Bloom explained in a podcast interview that she finds it more comfortable and enjoyable to portray fictional characters rather than her own persona.

Before joining Vanderpump Rules, Bloom gained recognition for her role as Heather Stevens on the popular soap opera The Young and the Restless. Her stint on the soap even earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination. Four years after leaving the long-running series, she joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules for its third season. Bloom clarified that she was not officially employed as a hostess at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant, but rather worked for the production company that created the show.

When asked about her involvement in Vanderpump Rules, Bloom disclosed that her connection to the series began through her close friendships with some staff members who were not heavily featured on the show. An executive producer suggested that she participate in a more traditional theatrical capacity, helping to move scenes along and generate organic conversations by sympathetically asking questions. While steering clear of most of the onscreen drama, Bloom found herself enjoying her role as a catalyst and was intrigued by the concept of the show.

However, Bloom’s time on Vanderpump Rules was short-lived, with her being replaced by Lala Kent, who has since become a mainstay on the show. Despite only being on the periphery of the onscreen drama, Bloom admitted that she still receives attention from fans of the series. She shared an amusing anecdote about being approached by a fan at a social gathering who couldn’t resist asking about her Vanderpump experiences.

Since her departure from Vanderpump Rules, Bloom has pursued a successful acting career in film, with notable roles in movies such as Too Late, Surviving the Wild, The Ghost Beyond, and Orphan House. In an unexpected turn of events, she returned to The Young and the Restless in 2023 to reprise her original role.

Reflecting on her time on Vanderpump Rules, Bloom expressed mixed feelings. On one hand, she appreciated how her portrayal on the show resonated with viewers, but on the other hand, she was taken aback by the immense popularity and scrutiny it attracted. Bloom noted that while she doesn’t frequently discuss her Vanderpump Rules experience, she recognizes the significance of the show to its dedicated fanbase.

As time goes on, Vail Bloom continues to explore new opportunities in her acting career, remaining grateful for her experiences on both soap operas and reality television. Although she declined her own reality show, Bloom’s unique journey through the Bravo realm remains an intriguing chapter in her life’s story.

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