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Tom Schwartz & Stars on Mars Castmates Felt Like They Were on Another Planet

Tom Schwartz and his Stars on Mars castmates didn’t actually go to Mars, but the experience on the Fox reality show made him feel like he was on another planet, especially during a chaotic dust storm. The show was filmed in Coober Pedy, Australia, which replicates the look of Mars with its red deserts and underground structures. Schwartz found the experience to be a welcome retreat and a fresh perspective after going through a divorce and opening a new bar.

Tom Schwartz and his Stars on Mars castmates filmed the reality show in Coober Pedy, Australia, and the experience of erecting a communication tower in a dust storm made Schwartz feel like he was actually on another planet, with the show giving him a fresh perspective on life.

Title: Tom Schwartz Reflects on His Otherworldly Experience Filming Stars on Mars

Tom Schwartz and his castmates on Stars on Mars may not have physically traveled to another planet, but the Fox reality show provided an experience that made them feel like they had ventured into outer space. As one of the contestants on the show, Schwartz, known for his appearances on Vanderpump Rules, shared his thoughts on the surreal moments during filming in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

One of the standout moments for Schwartz was when the cast had to erect a communication tower and reattach satellites, with a full-blown dust storm engulfing them. In the chaos, Schwartz recalls feeling like he was truly on another planet. He commended the show’s creators for their effort in crafting a realistic environment, enhancing the sensation of being in an alien world.

To replicate the appearance of Mars, the show was filmed in Coober Pedy, Australia, where red deserts and opal mines dominate the landscape. Schwartz described the entire experience as psychedelic and otherworldly, emphasizing that the town’s unconventional architecture, consisting of underground bunkers and homes, added to the charm. The remote location created an extraordinary backdrop, offering a taste of Mars on Earth.

A unique aspect of the production was the restriction on phone usage for the cast. Schwartz, who typically spends several hours a day on his phone, embraced the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world. He viewed the retreat as a welcome adventure, coinciding perfectly with a time when he felt the need for levity. Although conflicted about leaving his newly opened bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s, he quickly adapted to life on Mars and formed strong bonds with his fellow castmates.

Filming Stars on Mars proved to be transformative for Schwartz, equipping him with the ability to thrive in spontaneous situations. After a challenging period marked by his divorce from Katie Maloney and the hurdles of opening a business, he found a fresh perspective on life through this out-of-this-world experience. The show provided a much-needed dose of joy and adventure, reinvigorating Schwartz’s spirit and reminding him of his resilience.

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