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“The Ultimatum: Queer Love” Couples Put to the Test in Netflix’s Reality Show

The Ultimatum: Queer Love is a reality show on Netflix that features five LGBTQ+ couples who decide whether to get married or end their relationship after choosing new partners from the group. JoAnna Garcia Swisher hosts the show, which witnesses the love between the couples and their willingness to explore and experience the task at hand. One couple, Sam Mark and Aussie Chau, feel even more in love after going through the experience together, while others are not on speaking terms.

Queer Love, the second installment of The Ultimatum reality series on Netflix, followed the same premise as its predecessor by putting five LGBTQ+ couples’ relationships to the ultimate test as they chose new partners and decided whether to get married or call it quits, with JoAnna Garcia Swisher hosting.

The reality series, The Ultimatum: Queer Love, premiered on Netflix in May 2023, and saw five LGBTQ+ couples putting their relationships to the ultimate test. Similar to the show’s first installment, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On from 2022, one person from each pair wanted to get married while the other person had doubts about tying the knot. The contestants picked new partners from the rest of the group and temporarily moved in together. At the end of the experiment, the original couples had to make a decision to either get married or break up.

Unlike its predecessor, Queer Love had an all-LGBTQ+ and predominantly female cast, with JoAnna Garcia Swisher taking over as host from Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey who led Marry or Move On. Swisher shared in a May 2023 interview with POPSUGAR that the best part of her hosting experience was witnessing the love the couples had for each other. She added that despite all the drama, there was a lot of vulnerability and willingness among the participants to experience the given task.

One of the couples on the show, Sam Mark and Aussie Chau, got even more in love after participating in the experiment together. Aussie reiterated how fortunate they were to have each other and being able to question their gender identity in a supportive environment. Although the duo is yet to set a date for their wedding, they are taking their time as their relationship is based on a lot more commitment than just having a wedding. Tiff Der and Vanessa Papa are the only alumni from The Ultimatum: Queer Love who can expect an invitation to Aussie and Sam’s wedding.

The temporary partner of Aussie, Mildred Woody, and Aussie themselves, are not on speaking terms presently, as per the latter. However, Aussie noted they still had a lot of healing to do on their end and they would get there eventually. Overall, the show was successful in bringing light to the vulnerabilities and complexities in queer relationships, which might have been challenging to explore in a non-reality setting.

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