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The Challenge Veteran Paulie Calafiore Returns for Season 2 alongside Big Brother & Survivor Alums

Reality TV veteran Paulie Calafiore is returning to The Challenge franchise as a contestant on season 2 of The Challenge: USA. Despite nerves about rejoining the cast, Calafiore quickly regained confidence after completing the first challenge. He expressed excitement and anticipation about competing against stars from popular CBS reality shows, including fellow Big Brother alums, and went into the season with the goal of maintaining composure and focusing on the prize.

Paulie Calafiore, a veteran of reality TV competitions such as Big Brother, is returning to The Challenge franchise, expressing nervousness but ultimately confident in his ability to compete and hang with the younger contestants.

Paulie Calafiore Returns to Compete on Season 2 of The Challenge: USA

Reality TV veteran Paulie Calafiore is making a comeback on the upcoming season 2 of The Challenge: USA. Having previously appeared on shows like Big Brother and War of the Worlds 2, Calafiore admitted feeling some nerves about joining the cast, which includes former contestants from Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother. However, his fears were quickly extinguished after the first challenge, reaffirming his confidence in his ability to hold his own against the younger competitors.

Calafiore expressed his excitement about going head-to-head with stars from popular CBS reality shows, including Tyler Crispen, Tiffany Mitchell, and Alyssa Lopez, all of whom are fellow Big Brother alums. Despite the tough competition they pose, Calafiore was determined to maintain his composure throughout the season. He revealed that he entered The Challenge: USA with a mindset of peace and made a conscious effort to focus on the positive aspects instead of succumbing to negativity.

Approaching the season strategically, Calafiore aimed to observe the dynamics among the other contestants and identify possible alliances. Familiar faces from past shows made it easier for him to anticipate who would join forces. Interestingly, Calafiore revealed that he came close to having the ultimate ally, his brother Cody Calafiore, on the show. The two brothers, both former Big Brother competitors, hope for the opportunity to finally compete together in the near future, though Paulie admitted that his brother is an impressive competitor and winning is not guaranteed.

As the season progressed, this particular installment of The Challenge felt reminiscent of Big Brother, thanks to the presence of closed doors throughout the house. This departure from the usual open-room format added an extra layer of tension among the contestants as conversations took place behind shut doors. Despite the uncertainty and heightened emotions, Calafiore remained focused on the game and determined to navigate the challenges ahead.

The cast of season 2 of The Challenge: USA features an exciting mix of veterans and newcomers from various reality TV shows. In addition to Calafiore and his Big Brother cohorts, notable names such as Wes Bergmann, Tori Deal, and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio will be returning. Survivor alums and personalities from The Amazing Race complete the diverse roster of contestants. The highly anticipated season is set to premiere on August 10th, offering fans a thrilling and competitive reality TV experience.

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[Reporting by Christina Garibaldi]

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