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Summer House’s Carl Radke & Kyle Cooke’s Reality TV Bromance: A Look Back at Their Friendship Challenges

Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke have been close friends since the start of Summer House in 2017. They started working together at Loverboy in 2019 but experienced some bumps in their friendship when Carl began dating Lindsay. During filming for season 7 of the show, tension between the two was at an all-time high, and Carl later revealed he was no longer working for Loverboy.

Summer House’s Carl and Kyle have had a strong friendship since the show’s inception, but their relationship hit a rough patch when their business partnership began affecting their friendship.

Summer House’s Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke have a reality TV bromance that has stood the test of time. The two met when the show premiered in 2017, and have been working together at Loverboy since 2019. They have also faced some personal struggles during their friendship, including Carl’s complex relationship with alcohol and Kyle’s infidelity issues with former girlfriend Amanda Batula. Despite these challenges, the two remained strong friends and Carl even served as the officiant at Kyle and Amanda’s wedding.

However, things seemed to hit a bump in the road when tension brewed between the two during the filming of season 7 of the show in summer 2022. In a trailer for the upcoming season in January 2023, Kyle claimed that Carl was “checked out” as the VP of Sales of Loverboy, while Carl alleged that everything he was doing for the business was “not good enough” for Kyle.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly ahead of the season 7 premiere in February 2023, Carl revealed that their business relationship had begun to affect their friendship. “I love being around Kyle. I care about him and I love him but it’s been hard. We’re gonna navigate it the best we can,” he said, adding that he was trying to “find a healthy place” with Kyle as friends amid their recent struggles.

Despite the tension, Carl emphasized that he was still invested in Loverboy, although he was no longer working for the company. “I’m fully supportive of the company,” he told Entertainment Tonight that same month.

Fans of the show can tune in to Bravo on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET to see how Carl and Kyle’s relationship will play out on season 7 of Summer House.

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