CelebritiesBlogSEO Title: Jenelle Evans & Barbara Evans: A Decade-Long Custody Feud over...

SEO Title: Jenelle Evans & Barbara Evans: A Decade-Long Custody Feud over Teen Mom 2 Star’s Son

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, have been involved in a custody battle over Jenelle’s son, Jace, for over a decade. However, in March 2023, Jenelle was granted custody of Jace as part of a peace-making pact between her and her mother. Jenelle believes it is important for Jace to be with his siblings and have a father figure, and both she and her mother want to rebuild their relationship.

Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara have been in a long-standing feud over custody of Jenelle’s son, Jace, but recently reached an agreement to grant full custody back to Jenelle in order to rebuild their relationship and have Jace live with his siblings and a father figure.

Title: Jenelle Evans and Mom Barbara’s Decade-Long Feud over Custody of Jace

The longstanding feud between former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, has been a rollercoaster ride spanning over a decade. The battle primarily revolves around the custody of Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, but numerous other issues have contributed to their strained relationship. Let’s delve into the turbulent journey that has unfolded between these two women over the years.

The Custody Decision:
In August 2009, Jenelle made a difficult decision on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, where she voluntarily granted legal custody of Jace to her mother, Barbara. Recognizing her own shortcomings as a young parent, Jenelle believed that her mother’s support was crucial for raising Jace while she indulged in her social life. Notably, Jace’s biological father, Andrew Lewis, has remained absent from his son’s life.

A Promising Turn of Events:
After enduring more than a decade of public squabbles, fans received a surprising update in March 2023. Us Weekly revealed that Jenelle had been granted custody of Jace, marking an unexpected resolution to their ongoing conflict. This decisive move came as part of a peace-making pact between Jenelle and Barbara, aimed at rebuilding their strained mother-daughter relationship.

Reasoning behind the Change:
Looking for a fresh start, Jenelle shared her thoughts exclusively with Us Weekly. She disclosed that she and her mother jointly made the decision to grant her full custody of Jace. Their rationale stemmed from a desire for Jace to be reunited with his siblings and experience a stable upbringing with both a mother and father figure. Jenelle praised her husband, David Eason, for his parenting skills, emphasizing that he would provide the guidance Jace needed in his life.

Despite occasional reconciliations in the past, Barbara and Jenelle’s relationship has consistently returned to volatile territory. Stay tuned to witness the highs and lows of their tumultuous journey unfold as we dive into their ongoing saga.

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