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Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani addresses criticism after season 6 feud with Bre Tiesi

Chelsea Lazkani, a real estate agent on Selling Sunset, has responded to criticism of her role on the show on social media. She defended her authenticity and honesty on the programme and threw shade at some of her co-stars, saying she would not compromise who she was to maintain fake friendships. Chelsea also expressed her concerns about her castmate Bre Tiesi’s relationship with Nick Cannon and discussed the challenges of being a black woman in the industry.

Chelsea Lazkani defends herself against criticism and throws shade at some of her Selling Sunset co-stars in a lengthy social media response, stating that she will only give “the real unfiltered truth or nothing at all.”

Chelsea Lazkani, a real estate agent on season six of Selling Sunset, has been receiving criticism and is now defending herself on social media. In a tweet, she expressed her frustration, stating that she will be silent in rooms with a lack of diversity and that she will no longer participate in podcasts unless it guarantees her to speak the real truth. She also implied that some of her co-stars are not as genuine as she is, and if they were put in a different location, they would not thrive as she does.

During season six, Chelsea had a complicated relationship with Bre Tiesi, a newcomer to the show who has a child with Nick Cannon. Chelsea expressed concerns about their relationship and did not feel as though she could be close friends with Bre due to their divergent lifestyles. Bre defended her choice and emphasized that what works for her may not work for others.

While discussing her strained relationships with some co-workers, Chelsea indicated that she would not compromise her true self to maintain fake friendships. She disclosed that she is selective with whom she spends time with on set and does not want to form inauthentic connections. Lastly, Chelsea advised that to understand someone’s authentic personality, you need to take them out of their comfort zone.

Selling Sunset season six is now available for streaming on Netflix.

It’s evident that Chelsea Lazkani is passionate about being true to herself and not compromising her principles. She appears strong and confident in her beliefs about herself, her peers, and what she wants out of life. Her comments emphasize the importance of being genuine and authentic, staying true to oneself, and not sacrificing one’s principles just to fit in with others. It’s a valuable lesson that we can all learn from and apply to our own lives.

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