CelebritiesBlogScheana Shay Stands Up for Ariana Madix Against Lala Kent's Criticisms

Scheana Shay Stands Up for Ariana Madix Against Lala Kent’s Criticisms

Scheana Shay defended Ariana Madix on her podcast “Scheananigans,” responding to Lala Kent’s criticism by highlighting Ariana’s struggle with depression and her effort to give her 100 percent despite it. Shay emphasized the importance of showcasing authentic mental health journeys on “Vanderpump Rules,” applauding Ariana for being real and relatable to viewers by sharing her own experiences.

Scheana Shay defended Ariana Madix on her podcast “Scheananigans,” countering Lala Kent’s criticism by highlighting Ariana’s struggle with depression and her authenticity on “Vanderpump Rules,” amidst a backdrop of cast dynamics and production pressures.

Scheana Shay’s not on the same page as Lala Kent when it comes to Ariana Madix’s contributions to “Vanderpump Rules.” That’s the tea. On a sunny Friday, June 14, Scheana got real on her “Scheananigans” podcast. A curious listener wanted the 411 on Lala’s claim—Ariana wasn’t exactly fan-favorite material.

“I don’t think I’ve ever said that,” Scheana mused. She’s quick to point out that everyone’s a favorite to someone. “I mean, there are folks who live for Katie [Maloney], swear by me, or are all about Lala and Ariana. The Toms? Well, that’s another story.”

Then, bam! Scheana switched gears. Lala, apparently, had some choice words about Ariana just coasting through a few seasons. But here’s the thing—Ariana was fighting her own battle with depression. According to Scheana, Ariana was giving it her all, her 100 percent.

Reflecting on their “Vanderpump Rules” journey, Scheana couldn’t help but praise Ariana’s authenticity. She was out there, living her truth, mental health journey and all. It’s something Scheana believes many can relate to. “It’s so important to let people know they’re not alone,” she added, touching on the universal struggle with mental health.

But then, there’s the drama with Lala post-Sandoval’s cheating scandal. The cast was filming season 11, and loyalties shifted faster than a Malibu sunset. Most of the crew sided with Sandoval, leaving Ariana in a tough spot.

Scheana dropped another bombshell. She hinted that production might have nudged the cast to choose sides. “Walking on eggshells,” she described the whole season feeling. Executive producer Alex Baskin, however, called Scheana’s take a tad dramatic.

Meanwhile, Lala’s been on the defensive. She criticized Ariana for not engaging with Sandoval on camera. “We’re asking for one conversation,” Lala vented, frustrated over Ariana’s reluctance.

Lala’s stance hasn’t wavered. She insists everyone on “Vanderpump Rules” has faced tough convos, except Ariana. “It’s tough filming with someone who doesn’t want to open up,” Lala shared on the “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast.

Ariana, for her part, clapped back after the reunion. She defended her actions, arguing she provided an authentic, gripping finale to the season. “I gave you good reality TV,” she argued on the “Disrespectfully” podcast. Ariana stressed her authenticity, sharing even the most personal aspects of her life.

As the drama unfolds, “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 continues to stream on Peacock. Fans are left to navigate the choppy waters of reality TV, where reality and entertainment blur.

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