Prevention of Fraud With Device Fingerprinting

Prevention of Fraud With Device Fingerprinting
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Perfect technologies grow out of many years of work of various specialists. Over the years, web analysts have searched for information from devices and browsers in an effort to measure legitimate web traffic and detect potential fraudsters. As a result of their titanic work the unique tool for counteracting internet fraud and cheating has appeared. Now it is commonly known as device fingerprinting.

Exceptional qualities of device fingerprinting

Device fingerprinting is a process of determining the various data on the web browser and operating system specifics. It is generated from the data gathered by numerous monitoring technologies.

What is new in this technology is that it does not use habitual ways of tracking such as determination of IP addresses and countless cookies. The advanced digital browser fingerprinting is developed on the ground of diverse gathered data such as user-agent, supported HTML5 technologies, plugins and their characteristics, etc.

With browser fingerprinting business on the internet becomes safe. Among useful functionality of this type of technology, there are such features as:

  • prevention of fraud and identity theft
  • optimization of device use, regardless of whether the user operates desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • creation and displaying or blocking personalized ads
  • implementation of internal analytics, etc.

Device Check and Fingerprint SDK on Guard of Your Devices

Other recent tools and technologies can be useful for preventing crimes connected with digital fraud as well. They prevent not only dishonest manipulation with data but theft of digital devices and their simple loss. Among such tools:

  • Device check allows detecting whether a device has been flagged or stolen. Also, it is safeguarding the applications and content of users’ devices.
  • Fingerprint SDK is a tool that helps to implement the fingerprint verification function in desktops, mobiles, or embedded applications.

Covery’s Device Fingerprinting and Fraud Detection Service

With such tools as device check and fingerprint SDK, authentication of users and devices becomes easy and reliable. The best way to find out more detailed information about device fingerprinting and other tools is to refer to Covery’s successful experience of counteracting internet fraud.

Covery is an acknowledged risk management platform that uses efficient device intelligence technology to protect and check devices. It has a reputation in Europe, the USA, and all over the world due to its ability to prevent fraud and different types of risks. Its device fingerprinting technologies enhance business risk assessment and allow clients to save their resources.

With all these technologies, the internet business protects itself from dishonest users. Check devices with Covery tools and be sure that all fraud triggers will be spotted!