CelebritiesBlogPeter Weber Expresses Desire for Hannah Brown to Join The Traitors

Peter Weber Expresses Desire for Hannah Brown to Join The Traitors

Peter Weber, known from “The Bachelor,” has expressed interest in seeing certain Bachelor Nation members, including his ex Hannah Brown, participate in season 3 of “The Traitors” at Ardross Castle. While he has various suggestions for the cast, including celebrities and politicians, Hannah Brown herself is unsure about her suitability for the game, especially the aspect of having to lie to other contestants.

Peter Weber, former star of “The Bachelor,” expresses his desire to see Hannah Brown and other notable figures from Bachelor Nation participate in season 3 of “The Traitors,” highlighting the intriguing dynamics and gameplay potential their involvement could bring.

Peter Weber’s got some thoughts on who should be in the castle next season. And yeah, he’s thinking about some familiar faces from Bachelor Nation.

He mentioned Chris Harrison. You know, to shake things up by throwing him into the mix. And Jason Tartick? Peter thinks his analytical brain could really play well in the game.

But here’s the kicker: Peter wants his ex, Hannah Brown, on the show. Imagine that! He reckons she’d be a blast to watch.

Remember, Peter was almost the guy on Hannah’s season of *The Bachelorette*. Then he went on to be *The Bachelor*. And, oh boy, there was some drama when Hannah revealed they hooked up while his season was airing.

But Hannah’s not so sure she’s cut out for *The Traitors*. She’s not into the whole lying thing. Makes her nervous, she says.

Peter, though, he’s got a whole list of folks he’d like to see. Not just reality stars, but how about Tom Brady? Or some politicians? He thinks it’d spice things up.

And get this, Peter’s into the idea of casting exes. Not together, but thrown into the game to see what happens. Drama, that’s what.

*The Traitors* season 2 is wrapping up soon. Can’t wait to see who makes it into the next round. Peter’s suggestions? Only time will tell.

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