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Nick Viall Criticizes ‘The Bachelor’ Star Zach Shallcross for Lack of Empathy towards Contestants

Former Bachelor Nick Viall has criticised season 27 star Zach Shallcross for his treatment of contestants. Viall tweeted that whenever Shallcross hears the contestants express an insecurity, “his face just drowns in disappointment”. He also accused Shallcross of being in “I’m the Bachelor, and it’s your job to prove to me you’re worthy” mode.

Former Bachelor Nick Viall criticizes current Bachelor Zach Shallcross for his lack of empathy towards the insecurities expressed by the show’s contestants.

Former Bachelor Nick Viall has taken to Twitter to criticize current Bachelor Zach Shallcross for what he sees as Shallcross’ lack of empathy. During the March 6 episode of the show, Viall tweeted that whenever one of the female contestants mentioned an insecurity, Shallcross “just drowns in disappointment.” A viewer subsequently called Shallcross a narcissist, but Viall clarified that Shallcross simply lacked experience and may have had a comfortable life to this point.

In a third tweet, Viall commented that Shallcross had gone into “I’m the Bachelor, and it’s your job to prove to me you’re worthy” mode. The episode focused on a group date in which four women attended a mentalist show along with Shallcross. The mentalist called out the insecurities of the women, leading some of them to worry that Shallcross would misunderstand their concerns.

In a subsequent rose ceremony, Shallcross sent home Kat Izzo after earlier saying goodbye to Greer Blitzer and Brooklyn Willie. Izzo said that while she felt blindsided by her elimination, she hoped to show her family that relationships can have rocky moments, even if she and Shallcross had enjoyed five good weeks together.

This is not the first time that Viall has criticized Shallcross on social media. He previously called Shallcross a “total d—k” for sending Jess Girod home during the February 28 episode. Girod had expressed disappointment for not getting a one-on-one date, but Viall felt that Shallcross was too focused on the one-on-one dynamic of the show.

Viall himself was the Bachelor in 2017 but split from his fiancée, Vanessa Grimaldi, a few months after the show aired. In January 2022, Viall proposed to girlfriend Natalie Joy. The Bachelor airs on ABC on Mondays at 8:00 pm ET.

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