CelebritiesBlogNew Episodes of Sister Wives Coming Soon: Season 18 Preview

New Episodes of Sister Wives Coming Soon: Season 18 Preview

In the upcoming season 18 of Sister Wives, tensions arise among the Brown family as Kody Brown and his exes navigate their post-split relationships. Janelle questions whether Kody still wants a “plural family,” while Meri expresses uncertainty about her own breakup but later confides to Robyn that her marriage is “done.” The trailer ends on a tense note as Janelle curses at Kody during an argument, and Kody declares that he feels like he should embrace his darker side.

The upcoming season of Sister Wives will focus on the strained relationships between Kody Brown and his exes Christine, Meri, and Janelle, as they navigate their post-split lives and contemplate the future of their plural family.

Title: “Sister Wives Season 18: New Episodes Tease Explosive Relationships and Unexpected Romances”

The upcoming season of TLC’s hit series, Sister Wives, promises plenty of drama and heartbreak as the polygamist Brown family continues to navigate their post-split relationships. In a recently released teaser, Kody Brown and his ex-wives, Christine, Meri, and Janelle, find themselves grappling with issues of love, commitment, and the future of their plural family.

After a year of separation, Kody, Christine, and Janelle find themselves at odds with one another. Kody confesses his confusion surrounding his relationships, bemoaning his troubled dynamic with Janelle and Christine’s absence. Meri, however, appears to be torn between holding on to hope for her marriage and accepting the reality of its demise.

In a tense moment, Meri confides to Robyn, the only wife remaining married to Kody, that she believes her marriage is truly over. As emotions run high, Robyn is moved to tears, expressing her desire to have a united family with their children and grandchildren. Meanwhile, Christine seems to have found happiness in her newfound independence, emphasizing the importance of laughter as she reflects on her relationship with Kody.

The explosive teaser ends with a confrontational scene between Janelle and Kody, where Janelle admits she no longer wants to be married. Tempers flare, and harsh words are exchanged, leaving the future of their relationship uncertain. Kody’s frustration is evident as he reflects on the difficulties he faces, contemplating the choices he has made.

While the Brown family deals with the aftermath of Kody’s first breakup with Christine, she wastes no time moving on. Attested by a Valentine’s Day Instagram post, Christine introduces her new partner, David Woolley, as her soulmate. Their love story blossoms, leading to a heartwarming engagement just two months later. Janelle extends her support and congratulations to Christine, highlighting the bond they share as former sister wives.

Stay tuned for the explosive premiere of Sister Wives season 18 on TLC, airing on August 20 at 10 p.m. ET. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster as the Browns navigate the complexities of their relationships and embark on new and unexpected romantic journeys. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the triumphs and tribulations of this unique plural family.

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