CelebritiesBlogMatt James Shares Why He's Not Pressured to Propose to Rachael Kirkconnell

Matt James Shares Why He’s Not Pressured to Propose to Rachael Kirkconnell

Matt James shares that he doesn’t feel pressured to propose to Rachael Kirkconnell, emphasizing that engagement is a step they both look forward to taking in their own time. He also highlights the challenge of planning a surprise proposal for Kirkconnell, given her intuitive nature, and discusses his partnership with Tylenol and his preparation for running the New York City marathon.

Matt James discusses not feeling pressured to propose to Rachael Kirkconnell, emphasizing they are moving at their own pace and planning for a future together, while also sharing insights on his partnership with Tylenol and upcoming plans, including running the New York City marathon.

Bachelor Nation’s buzzing, always on the lookout for that next big proposal. Yet, Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell? They’re marching to the beat of their own drum, taking things at their own pace.

“We’re doing great,” Matt spills, chatting with Us Weekly. He’s all chill, no pressure vibes when it comes to popping the question. “Never really felt pressure,” he admits. Because, for him, it’s not about if, but when. They’re in it for the long haul, eyes set on a future together.

But here’s the kicker: when it’s time to surprise Rachael, Matt’s gotta get crafty. She’s got this sixth sense, always questioning, always probing. “Why are we getting our nails done?” she’d ask, her intuition on full alert. So, Matt’s planning to think outside the box, maybe even bend the truth a tad to keep the surprise under wraps.

Oh, and their love story? It’s straight out of a Bachelor fairy tale, complete with roses and all. They met on the show, and before you know it, sparks flew. Fast forward, and here they are, still going strong, making headlines.

Reflecting on the journey, Matt’s hit with a wave of nostalgia. “Feels like I was a freshman,” he muses, thinking back to the day it all started. Time flies, doesn’t it? Now, he’s looking ahead, dreaming of marathons and adventures with Rachael by his side.

Summer’s calling, and Matt’s got plans. Traveling, yes, but there’s also the marathon. He’s determined, aiming to crush it in under three hours. “The marathon doesn’t care that you’re on vacation,” he says, a hint of determination in his voice. No cutting corners this time; he’s all in.

And when those training aches kick in? Tylenol’s his go-to. He’s teamed up with them, excited about their new easy-to-swallow pill. It’s about pushing limits, he says, both on the track and in life.

So, there you have it. Matt James, gliding through summer, embracing challenges, and looking forward to whatever comes next. With Rachael by his side and Tylenol in his kit, he’s ready for it all.

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