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Marcellas Reynolds, Janelle Pierzina, Will Kirby – The Biggest Blindsides in Big Brother History

The Big Brother reality series has had several memorable blindsides throughout its history, where contestants successfully conceal their eviction plans. Some notable blindsides include Marcellas’ refusal to use the Power of Veto in Season 3, leading to his own eviction, and Dr. Will’s surprise eviction in Season 7 by his alliance partner Janelle. Another shocking blindside occurred in Season 10 when Keesha was evicted over Jerry despite her trust in Dan and Memphis.

Big Brother has had some of the craziest blindsides in its history, including Marcellas not using the Power of Veto, Dr. Will’s eviction by Janelle, Keesha’s betrayal by the Renegades, Dan’s blindside of Shane, Austin being voted out by Vanessa, and Pooch’s unanimous eviction.

Title: The Biggest Blindsides in Big Brother History

Big Brother, the popular CBS reality series, is known for its motto “Expect the Unexpected” and has delivered some memorable blindsides over the years. Living together in a secluded house, contestants often anticipate who their fellow housemates will vote for during eviction nights. However, some crafty players manage to hide their true intentions until the last moment, resulting in shocking outcomes. In this article, we will revisit some of the craziest blindsides in Big Brother history.

Marcellas – Season 3:
In season 3 of Big Brother, Marcellas Reynolds’ failure to use the Power of Veto is considered one of the worst moves in the show’s history. When Marcellas and Amy Crews were nominated for eviction in week 9, Marcellas won the veto power, which would have allowed him to save himself. However, overconfident that Amy would be evicted instead of him, he chose not to use the power. To his utter shock, his ally Danielle Reyes voted against him, and Head of Household Jason Guy cast the tie-breaking vote, sealing Marcellas’ fate. Even Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves couldn’t resist playfully reprimanding Marcellas during his exit interview.

Dr. Will – Season 7:
Dr. Will Kirby, hailed as one of the best Big Brother players of all time, experienced an unexpected blindside during the first all-stars season in 2006. He formed an alliance with Janelle Pierzina through their flirtatious interactions. However, when Janelle and Erika Landin realized that Will and his ally Mike “Boogie” Malin had been using them, Janelle won the decisive Veto competition at the final four. Shocking everyone, she cast the sole eviction vote against Will, leaving him and Mike dumbfounded.

Keesha – Season 10:
During season 10 in 2008, Keesha Smith fell victim to a blindsiding move by her fellow housemates, Dan Gheesling and Memphis Garrett. Trusting in her final three deal, Keesha was unaware that Dan and Memphis had formed the Renegades alliance early in the game with the intent of going to the finals together. Winning the last Power of Veto competition at the final four, Memphis had the sole vote to evict. To Keesha’s dismay, Memphis and Dan chose to keep Jerry MacDonald, perceiving him as less of a physical threat. Keesha’s shock and indignation were evident when she angrily declared that whoever voted her out wouldn’t get her jury vote.

Shane – Season 14:
In season 14 of Big Brother, Dan Gheesling returned as a coach in 2012 and orchestrated a massive blindside at the final four. Convincing his closest ally Danielle Murphree to leave her showmance partner, Shane Meany, on the block after she won both the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions, Dan swore to Danielle that he would evict Ian Terry. However, at the last moment, Dan voted to evict Shane instead, leaving both Shane and Danielle in a state of shock and disbelief.

Big Brother has provided viewers with a plethora of surprising blindsides throughout its history. Contestants like Marcellas, Dr. Will, Keesha, and Shane fell victim to unexpected twists in the game, leaving them startled and sometimes betrayed. These blindsides serve as reminders that, even in a game where trust is precarious, the element of surprise can make all the difference in determining a player’s fate.

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