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Lindsay Hubbard Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Journey & New Relationship But Keeps Boyfriend’s Identity Private

Lindsay Hubbard, star of “Summer House,” has announced she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, a doctor in biotech investing who prefers to stay out of the spotlight, expressing his excitement about fatherhood. After ending her engagement with co-star Carl Radke in August 2023, Hubbard revealed she’s dating a “wonderful man” she had briefly dated before, and though their relationship faced initial timing issues, they reconnected and are now seriously dating.

Lindsay Hubbard, star of “Summer House,” is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, a biotech investing doctor who prefers to remain out of the limelight, and while she has shared some details about their relationship and his excitement about fatherhood, she is keeping his identity private.

Lindsay Hubbard is keeping mum about her pregnancy journey details. At least for now. After the Summer House star spilled the beans on July 4 about expecting her first baby with her beau, curiosity skyrocketed. Who’s the mystery guy in Hubbard’s life? For the moment, she’s zipped tight on his identity.

This special someone, a doctor entrenched in biotech investing, shies away from the limelight. That’s according to People. Hubbard respects his privacy wishes but couldn’t help sharing his excitement about fatherhood. "He’s just so excited to be a dad," she gushed. The pressure on their budding relationship? Immense, yet they’re navigating it with grace, thanks to their strong bond and effective communication.

Rewind to the Summer House season 8 reunion. Hubbard dropped that she’s seeing a "wonderful man," post her split from Carl Radke in August 2023. They’d had a brief dating stint three and a half years ago, but timing was off. Then, as fate would have it, he reappeared in December. By January, they were an item, heading towards serious territory. He’s been her rock, she revealed to Andy Cohen.

On the "Bitch Bible" podcast, Hubbard delved into their timeline. They dated during the pandemic, but he wasn’t ready for something serious then. Fast forward to December 2023, post her breakup with Radke, he reached out. Hubbard played it cool, "put him on ice" for a month, but eventually, sparks flew on their date.

As Summer House gears up for season 9, it’s a toss-up whether Hubbard’s beau will grace the screen. He’s never watched the show, Hubbard shared. He respects her career but remains detached from the glitz. His own success keeps him busy, alongside keeping Hubbard "happy in the bedroom."

Catch up on Summer House on Peacock now. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll catch a glimpse of Hubbard’s mysterious man. Or not. The intrigue continues.

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