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Katy Perry Tries to Convince ‘American Idol’ Contestant to Stay on Show After Mom-Shaming Accusations

Katy Perry tried to persuade American Idol contestant Sara Beth Liebe to stay on the show after the mother of three stated that she struggled to leave her children behind whilst performing on the show. Liebe ultimately decided to leave the show and return home to her family, despite Perry’s encouragement. Perry had previously been accused of ‘mom-shaming’ Liebe in an earlier episode when the singer joked that Liebe lay on the table too much.

Katy Perry tried to convince American Idol contestant Sara Beth Liebe to stay on the show after the contestant previously claimed the “Roar” singer mom-shamed her, but Liebe ultimately decided to leave to be with her children.

American Idol judge Katy Perry has been accused of mom-shaming by a contestant on the show. Sara Beth Liebe, a 25-year-old mother of three, accused Perry of making unkind comments to her during her audition. Perry had previously mocked Liebe’s age and suggested that she spends too much time “laying on the table”.

Liebe later claimed that Perry’s comments had hurt her feelings and were not “super kind”. However, Perry denied any intention to be nasty, stating that the judges on the show only give constructive criticism.

Despite the earlier tensions between them, Perry was later seen encouraging Liebe to stay on the show. During a recent episode, Liebe announced that she planned to return home to be with her children, but Perry urged her to consider staying on and pursuing her dream.

Although Liebe ultimately decided to leave the show, Perry’s supportive comments were praised by other viewers. The judge encouraged Liebe to consider her own potential and to prioritize self-love as well as motherly love.

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