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Joey Graziadei’s FICO Score Drops 80 Points After Missing Credit Card Payment While on The Bachelor

Joey Graziadei, after participating in “The Bachelor,” experienced a significant drop in his credit score due to a missed credit card payment, plummeting 80 points because he neglected a $100 charge for over two months. Despite this financial hiccup, he and his fiancée, Kelsey Anderson, whom he met on the show, have since moved to New Orleans and live in a spacious home with Kelsey’s friends, highlighting their post-show life adjustments and financial management efforts.

Joey Graziadei’s credit score dropped 80 points due to a missed credit card payment while he was on ‘The Bachelor,’ but he has since acquired four new credit cards to improve his score and has moved in with his fiancée Kelsey Anderson and her two friends in New Orleans following their engagement on the show.

Joey Graziadei’s journey on ‘The Bachelor’ was a rollercoaster of emotions. Not only did he find love, but his financial life took a hit. You see, while he was busy handing out roses, his credit score plummeted. “I was at 730,” Joey recalls, a hint of disbelief in his voice. He missed a credit card payment because, well, reality TV fame doesn’t come with bill reminders.

Two and a half months of radio silence on a $100 purchase, and bam! His FICO score dropped 80 points. “Like, what the f–k?” Joey expressed his frustration. It’s almost comical, in a tragic sort of way. Imagine, returning from a quest for love only to find your credit score in ruins. “I can’t even get into an apartment building. Jesus Christ,” he lamented.

But Joey’s a fighter. Now, he’s got four new credit cards. “I’m just spending as much money as possible and that sh-ts going up,” he said, determined to rebuild what was lost. It’s a risky strategy, but hey, love and credit scores wait for no one.

Meanwhile, in a twist that sounds straight out of a rom-com, Joey and his fiancée, Kelsey Anderson, are navigating post-Bachelor life together. After proposing in the season finale, Joey offered to support Kelsey financially. “Part of it was that Joey was like, no matter what, like, ‘I’ll help you if you need help in any sense,'” Kelsey shared, a touch of relief in her voice. It’s sweet, really. Despite the financial rollercoaster, they’re figuring it out together.

Kelsey, once a project manager, put her career on hold for love. But she’s planning a comeback, eyeing a move to New York with Joey later this year. “Joey’s my security blanket,” she admitted. It’s a modern love story, with a side of financial drama.

The couple settled in New Orleans, in a house with room for dreams and two friends. Kelsey wasn’t ready to quit her job or her spacious room, so Joey moved in. It’s like a scene from ‘New Girl,’ with three girls, one Joey, and endless possibilities. “Yeah. I’m on a, like, comedy sketch right now,” Joey joked. Life after ‘The Bachelor’ is anything but predictable, but together, they’re writing their own script.

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