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Exploring the Family Dynamics of NFL Star Odell Beckham Jr & Love Isl& USA Personality Kordell Beckham

Odell Beckham Jr., an NFL star receiver for the Miami Dolphins, is the older brother of four siblings, including Kordell Beckham, who gained fame on Love Island USA Season 6 in June 2024. The Beckham family, including parents Heather Van Norman and Odell Beckham Sr., and siblings Jasmyne, Sonny, Summer, and Zydn, share a close bond, with each member pursuing their own unique paths while supporting each other’s endeavors.

NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. is the older brother to Love Island USA star Kordell Beckham, among other siblings, in a family with a strong athletic and entertainment presence.

Odell Beckham Jr. is the big bro to four siblings. That includes Kordell Beckham, who’s making waves on Love Island USA. Born in ’92 to Heather Van Norman and Odell Beckham Sr., Odell’s life took a turn when his parents split. Heather remarried, bringing Jasmyne into the world in 2002. Odell Sr. went on to have three more kids: Kordell, Sonny, and Summer.

Odell Jr.? He’s a star receiver for the Miami Dolphins. And Kordell? He stepped into the reality TV spotlight in June 2024.

Now, Odell Jr. hasn’t spilled any beans about his brother’s newfound fame. But, Kordell’s Love Island buddy, Connor Newsum, let slip that Kordell isn’t too keen on the "fangirling" over his famous brother.

In other news, there’s a buzz about celeb kids following in their athletic parents’ footsteps. Think Shaquille O’Neal’s son Sharif and Serena Williams’ daughter, Olympia. They’re all proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Connor shared with Us Weekly, "We didn’t really talk about it all that much." It was more a nod of respect among football fans.

Scroll down for a deep dive into the Beckham family saga.

First up, Heather Van Norman. Before motherhood, she was a track star, even competing in the 1992 Olympics. Nowadays, she champions health initiatives for the NFLPA and the NFL. Beckham Jr. proudly calls himself a "momma’s boy," grateful for everything she’s done for him.

Then there’s Odell Beckham Sr., a former LSU football player turned entrepreneur. He’s the backbone of the Beckham clan, always cheering on his son’s NFL dreams.

Jasmyne Mills, step-sister to Odell Jr., recently celebrated her graduation from Arizona State University. She’s all set to conquer the world of interior design.

Sonny Odell Beckham, the middle child, is Kordell and Odell Jr.’s biggest cheerleader. From Instagram shoutouts to game day support, he’s there for his brothers.

Summer Odalis Beckham, the youngest, arrived in 2018, adding more joy to the Beckham household.

And then there’s Zydn Beckham, Odell Jr.’s son, born in February 2022. Odell’s transition into fatherhood has been his greatest adventure yet. He shared with People, "It was the biggest blessing of my life."

So, that’s the scoop on the Beckhams. A family of athletes, stars, and supportive siblings, each carving their own path while cheering each other on.

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