CelebritiesBlogExploring Paris Hilton's Journey as a Mother: From Visiting London with Daughter...

Exploring Paris Hilton’s Journey as a Mother: From Visiting London with Daughter to Cherishing Family Traditions & Embracing New Adventures

Paris Hilton, at 43, shared a heartwarming moment of her 7-month-old daughter, London, visiting London, England for the first time, expressing it as a dream come true on social media. The trip holds special significance for Hilton, who has spent summers at the London Hilton since she was a baby, and now shares this tradition with her daughter, named after her favorite city, aiming to create new memories together.

Paris Hilton shared her joy on social media about bringing her 7-month-old daughter, London, to the city she’s named after, London, England, marking a special family moment and continuing a tradition of summer visits to the London Hilton.

Oh, Paris Hilton. Where do we even start? She’s living a life that’s anything but The Simple Life. Imagine being 7 months old and already jet-setting to a city that shares your name. That’s London Hilton for you.

So, Paris took to Instagram the other day. It was Sunday, July 7, to be exact. She shared a video that was just too cute for words. "London Hilton at The London Hilton," she captioned it. Talk about a dream come true for her, bringing her daughter to the city she’s named after.

The video? It was everything. Paris, lying on the ground, gently stroking her daughter’s hair. And those words, "London is in London," spoken with such joy.

But wait, there’s more to Paris than just this adorable moment. She’s a mom now, to two beautiful kids. And she’s been open about how much she’s loving this new role. Back in January 2023, she dropped the news about her and Carter Reum’s little ones. A son, Phoenix, and daughter, London.

Now, onto something a bit nostalgic. The Simple Life, remember that? Paris and Nicole Richie, living the rural life. Paris recently shared how special it is to continue family traditions with her daughter. They’ve been visiting the same hotel every summer since Paris was a baby. Now, it’s London’s turn.

Paris isn’t shy about her feelings. On June 22, she took to Instagram again. This time, to express how much she’s waited for her "beautiful baby girl." It’s clear she’s over the moon about being a mom.

She and Carter Reum tied the knot back in November 2021. Even before London’s arrival, Paris was all about the dream of starting a family. She told Us Weekly how excited she was to give her kids the most magical experiences.

But don’t think Paris has lost her playful side. Kathy Hilton, Paris’s mom, shared with Us that Paris and Nicole turn into kids themselves when they reunite. It’s like they’re 12 again.

And for the fans of The Simple Life, there’s good news. A reboot is on the horizon. Paris and Nicole confirmed it themselves on Instagram. "New Era. Same Besties," they teased. It’s coming to Peacock, and fans can hardly wait.

Paris’s journey into motherhood has been a highlight. She’s described it as her "Living Mom era," blending the words "slaying" and "living." According to her, it’s the happiest and most fulfilling time of her life. These kids, they’re her angels, bringing endless love and happiness.

So, there you have it. Paris Hilton, from socialite to loving mom, still making headlines and living her best life. And somehow, she’s managing to keep it real and relatable. Well, as relatable as a Hilton can be.

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