CelebritiesBlogDrita D'Avanzo Shares Her Thoughts on Renee Graziano's Fentanyl Overdose Revelation

Drita D’Avanzo Shares Her Thoughts on Renee Graziano’s Fentanyl Overdose Revelation

Drita D’Avanzo, a former star of “Mob Wives,” has publicly reacted to her co-star Renee Graziano’s revelation about suffering from an accidental fentanyl overdose, expressing a lack of personal fondness for Graziano but wishing her well in her recovery and emphasizing the importance of support over criticism for those struggling with addiction. Despite their tumultuous past and D’Avanzo’s clear statement of disliking Graziano, she advocates for understanding and compassion towards addiction, highlighting that everyone has their battles and wishing Graziano health and peace.

Drita D’Avanzo reacts to Renee Graziano’s revelation about her accidental fentanyl overdose, expressing a lack of personal fondness for Graziano but offering support for her struggle with addiction and wishing her well in her recovery journey.

Drita D’Avanzo’s got something to say. And it’s about Renee Graziano’s shocking revelation. Last year, Graziano faced a life-threatening situation—an accidental fentanyl overdose. D’Avanzo, at 48, spilled the tea to *Us Weekly* on a chilly Thursday, March 7. They were chatting amidst the clinks and clatters of a dinner at Ainslie. “I don’t like her,” she starts. But, and it’s a big BUT, she’s all for Graziano finding her peace and health.

If you ask D’Avanzo, everyone deserves support, especially when battling addiction. It doesn’t matter who it is. Addiction’s a beast, she says. People can get hooked on anything. Coffee. Cigarettes. Even hitting the gym too hard. It’s all the same tough battle. D’Avanzo hadn’t known about Graziano’s overdose till that chat. But her stance was clear: wishing her the best in overcoming it.

D’Avanzo and Graziano, they’ve been through it all. Six seasons on *Mob Wives*, with cameras rolling through every high and low of their friendship. Now, D’Avanzo’s got her guard up. “Do I like the motherf–ker? Hell no,” she admits. Yet, she can’t help but wish Graziano well. It’s complicated, you know?

Meanwhile, Graziano opened up on the “Dumb Blonde” podcast. It was a Wednesday, March 6, kinda revelation. She talked about the day she almost didn’t make it. September 18th, a day that went south real fast. She thought she was getting one thing but got fentanyl instead. Ended up dead in a Florida restaurant, of all places. Spent days intubated, learning to walk again in solitude. No family visits. Just her and her will to survive.

After hitting rock bottom, Graziano sought help. By November 2023, she checked into the Odom Recovery Group. Come March 8, she’s celebrating four months sober on Instagram. She’s feeling on top of the world, blessed, and reborn. Quite the journey, huh?

While Graziano’s on her path to sobriety, D’Avanzo’s cooking up something special. She’s got plans, big ones. Another appearance at Ainslie is on the books. But there’s more. She’s hinting at a scripted series about her life. Thanks to *Mob Wives*, she’s met incredible people. One of them, Stacey Levin, is now a close friend and a partner in this new venture. They’ve even clinched a deal with a major studio. D’Avanzo’s story, coming to a screen near you.

*With reporting by Leanne Aciz Stanton.*

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