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Dorinda Medley Did Not Reveal Lindsay Hubbard’s Pregnancy During The Traitors Season 3 Filming

Dorinda Medley was not responsible for leaking news of Lindsay Hubbard’s pregnancy during the filming of Season 3 of “The Traitors,” despite fan speculation and rumors suggesting otherwise. Lindsay Hubbard, who announced her pregnancy shortly after her split from Carl Radke, has since moved on with a new partner, a doctor in biotech investing, and is keeping details of their relationship private while expressing excitement about their future child together.

Dorinda Medley did not leak Lindsay Hubbard’s pregnancy news during the filming of Season 3 of “The Traitors,” despite fan speculation and rumors.

Dorinda Medley found herself tangled in a web of rumors recently. Fans were buzzing, whispering that she might have spilled the beans on Lindsay Hubbard’s pregnancy. But, hold up, let’s get this straight from the get-go. According to a Bravo insider chatting with Us Weekly, that’s a big, fat nope. Dorinda, at 59, and Lindsay, rocking her 37 years, were caught in a rumor mill that just wouldn’t quit.

So, Lindsay’s got a bun in the oven, huh? She dropped the news on a sunny Thursday, July 4. The gossip had been swirling that Dorinda let the cat out of the bag while they were filming the third season of The Traitors. Lindsay kinda added fuel to the fire herself. She hit up a Bravo fan page on Instagram, leaving a comment that screamed disappointment and sadness on Friday, July 5. And yeah, while Lindsay’s gig on The Traitors wasn’t officially stamped by Peacock, her Summer House buddy, Ciara Miller, snagged a spot in the season 3 lineup.

Switching gears for a sec, let’s gab about the celeb baby boom of 2024. It’s like everyone decided to expand their families at the same time. Emily Miller and Cam Holmes, remember them from Too Hot to Handle? They’re expecting a rainbow baby in June 2024. Talk about starting the year with a bang!

Back to Lindsay’s world, she’s navigating life post-breakup with Carl Radke. Summer House season 8 kicked off with wedding bells in the air, only for Carl, at 39, to call it quits three months shy of their I-dos in November 2023. Lindsay, pouring her heart out to Us, confessed rewatching their breakup was like reliving a nightmare. Yet, she’s piecing together unseen conversations, bracing herself for revelations that might sting.

Carl, on his end, swears he didn’t run to the producers to axe their relationship. He’s adamant about not orchestrating a setup, stressing the realness of their shared reality on the show. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s heart has found a new beat. She’s all smiles about a mystery man, a doctor dabbling in biotech investing. Their love story rekindled in December, promising a serious future together.

While Lindsay plays coy about her love life, she couldn’t help but gush over her partner’s excitement about their upcoming bundle of joy. She’s all in, convinced they’re the real deal, ready to tackle whatever life throws at them, baby and all.

And there you have it, folks. A whirlwind of love, breakups, and baby news, all swirling around the lives of our favorite reality stars. Here’s to hoping they find happiness, come what may.

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