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Claudia Oshry Accuses Kyle Cooke of Lying About Craig Conover’s Investment in Spritz Society

Claudia Oshry defended Craig Conover’s investment in her and her husband Ben Soffer’s drink company, Spritz Society, against Kyle Cooke’s allegations on her podcast, “The Toast.” Cooke accused Conover of dishonesty regarding his partnership with Spritz Society on “Watch What Happens Live,” while Oshry countered that Cooke omitted key details, highlighting the transparency and honesty of Conover’s approach to the investment.

Claudia Oshry defended Craig Conover’s investment in her drink company, Spritz Society, against Kyle Cooke’s accusations of dishonesty, highlighting Cooke’s refusal of investors for his own brand, Loverboy, and emphasizing Conover’s upfront approach and the organic nature of his involvement with Spritz Society.

Oh boy, Claudia Oshry’s not having any of Kyle Cooke’s comments. Not one bit. She’s all riled up about what he said regarding Craig Conover and their drink company, Spritz Society.

Kyle, at 41, threw some shade on “Watch What Happens Live,” claiming Craig, who’s 35, wasn’t upfront about his investment in Spritz Society. Kyle’s got his own drink brand, Loverboy, so you can imagine the drama.

Kyle’s like, “I’m trying to be the bigger person here,” but also, “Craig’s a liar.” Ouch.

Claudia, only 29, clapped back hard the next day on her podcast with her sister, Jackie. She’s like, “Kyle left out sooo many details.”

And then there’s this whole legal drama with Kyle and Amanda Batula’s wedding. Like, could things get any more complicated?

Claudia’s on fire, saying Kyle didn’t just lie about her but about people she deeply cares about. She’s got receipts, folks. Timestamps and all.

She spills the tea on how their company thrives with investors and how they met Craig at a Taylor Swift concert. Yup, you heard that right.

Apparently, Craig was into the Spritz drinks but had no clue Claudia and her husband owned the brand. Small world, huh?

Claudia’s like, “No one’s out to get Kyle and Loverboy.” There’s room for everyone in the canned cocktail world.

But here’s the kicker: Craig actually offered Kyle a chance to invest in Loverboy before going public with the Spritz partnership. Kyle said no ’cause he doesn’t do investors.

Claudia thinks Craig’s a stand-up guy for giving Kyle a heads-up. She’s not here for anyone calling her friend a liar.

Craig’s been quiet about Kyle’s latest digs. But he did share his side with Page Six, saying he gets the hustle in the alcohol biz.

So, there you have it. Drama, receipts, and a whole lot of canned cocktails. Only in the world of reality TV, am I right?

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