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Charli Burnett Explains Why She May Not Appear on Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules

Charli Burnett revealed that she may not appear on season 11 of Vanderpump Rules due to her discomfort with filming alongside Raquel Leviss, who had an affair with Tom Sandoval. Charli had previously defended Raquel during a feud with other cast members but regretted doing so after learning about the affair. She also expressed concern about potential returns of old cast members and the aftermath of the cheating scandal.

Charli Burnett is uncertain about appearing on Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules due to her discomfort with filming alongside Raquel Leviss, who had an affair with Tom Sandoval, and her concerns about the return of previous cast members and the aftermath of the cheating scandal.

Title: Vanderpump Rules Season 11: Charli Burnett Reveals Uncertainty About Returning and Delve into Infidelity Fallout

The upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules may be missing one familiar face. Charli Burnett, the 26-year-old SUR waitress, disclosed during an interview with Rolling Stone that she had been offered a contract for Season 11. However, her decision to participate remains uncertain, primarily due to her discomfort in filming alongside Raquel Leviss, the beauty queen at the center of a scandal involving Tom Sandoval.

Burnett expressed her concerns, stating that filming with Raquel would be challenging and stressful for her. She revealed her loyalty towards Ariana Madix, ex-girlfriend of Sandoval, and her disappointment with the unfolding events. During Season 10, Burnett was supportive of Raquel during her feud with Katie Maloney and Lala Kent. However, her perspective shifted when it was revealed that Sandoval had been unfaithful to Ariana with Raquel. Reflecting on her past defense of Raquel, Burnett admitted regret.

The aftermath of the cheating scandal brings uncertainty and intrigue to the show’s new season. The possibility of old cast members returning looms, raising questions about the dynamics that will unfold. Burnett speculates about the potential comeback of Jax Taylor and how it might affect Sandoval. There is anticipation surrounding the aftermath of the scandal, with viewers curious to see if friendships among the cast members will withstand the chaotic events. Despite an existing bond of dislike for Tom and Raquel, Burnett believes that relationships within the group might evolve messily.

The experience of filming Season 10 has profoundly impacted Burnett, causing her to reevaluate her approach to friendships. The revelations from that season made her question her trust in people, prompting her to reconsider her past association with Raquel. She realizes now that she may have been oblivious to certain signs, and wonders if Tom had some sort of influence or manipulation over people’s perceptions.

As fans eagerly await the next season of Vanderpump Rules, the uncertainty surrounding Charli Burnett’s involvement and the aftermath of the cheating scandal raise an air of anticipation and intrigue. The show’s future promises to be eventful and full of surprises, leaving viewers eager to witness the unfolding dynamics among the cast members and the consequences of their complex relationships.

Disclaimer: All information in this article is based on Charli Burnett’s interview with Rolling Stone magazine and reflections on Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules. The upcoming season’s cast and storyline have yet to be confirmed by the show’s production team. Stay tuned for further updates and official announcements.

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