CelebritiesBlogCharles Sykes/Bravo: Raquel Leviss Updates Social Media After Vanderpump Rules Drama

Charles Sykes/Bravo: Raquel Leviss Updates Social Media After Vanderpump Rules Drama

Raquel Leviss has revamped her social media profiles and deleted her apology to Ariana Madix, indicating that she is moving on from the Vanderpump Rules drama. Leviss has updated her Instagram bio, expressed her aim to become a better person, and deleted many photos of her costars. She also shared a link to her podcast conversation with Bethenny Frankel, where she discussed her past friendships and confirmed that she will not be returning for another season of the show.

Raquel Leviss has revamped her social media and deleted her apology to Ariana Madix, signaling her intention to move on from the Vanderpump Rules drama.

Title: Raquel Leviss Indicates Personal Growth and Distance from Vanderpump Rules Drama

In a recent social media revamp, Raquel Leviss has demonstrated her intent to move forward from the Vanderpump Rules controversy, as seen through her Instagram updates. Eagle-eyed fans noticed changes in Leviss’ bio section, where it now reads, “Becoming a better person… one day at a time.” Notably, Leviss also removed her previous apology to Ariana Madix, hinting at a clear desire to leave the past behind.

The renovations to Leviss’ social media presence also involved the deletion of numerous photos featuring her Vanderpump Rules co-stars, such as Madix, Scheana Shay, and James Kennedy. Additionally, Leviss has included a link to a podcast episode featuring her candid conversation with Bethenny Frankel, amplifying her recent appearance on the show’s platform.

In March, Leviss made headlines when it was revealed that Tom Sandoval’s infidelity had led to his separation from Madix, his longtime partner. Back then, Leviss had issued an apology to Madix on her Instagram. However, that sincere gesture has now been erased from her platform.

Taking advantage of the interview with Frankel earlier this month, Leviss shed light on her personal growth journey and her plan to seek treatment. She acknowledged her previously unhealthy behavioral patterns, such as codependency and a craving for validation through unhealthy connections. Leviss demonstrated her commitment to self-improvement by seeking counseling, cultivating stronger emotional boundaries, and prioritizing her mental health.

Subsequent to her 90-day stay at a mental health facility in Arizona, Leviss reevaluated her friendships within the Vanderpump Rules cast. In an interview, she clarified that her relationship with Madix extended only to an acquaintanceship-turned-friendship through the show. Leviss emphasized that although Madix had been supportive, they lacked the depth and closeness typically associated with best friends.

Leviss confirmed during the interview that she would not be returning for the upcoming 11th season of Vanderpump Rules, effectively severing ties with the hit Bravo series. Madix also made it abundantly clear that she has no intentions of reconciling with Sandoval or Leviss. She emphasized that their show focuses on a real group of friends, a group that neither Sandoval nor Leviss belongs to anymore.

As the Vanderpump Rules group films the upcoming season, Madix has been spotted in the same location as Sandoval on several occasions this summer, further hinting at the ongoing dynamics within the group.

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