CelebritiesBlogCelebrities' Unusual & Viral Food Moments That Will Leave You Speechless

Celebrities’ Unusual & Viral Food Moments That Will Leave You Speechless

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Michael Bublé have had their food habits go viral. Kendall Jenner faced criticism for awkwardly chopping a cucumber, while Kim Kardashian was questioned for her role as Chief Taste Consultant at Beyond Meat but later showed herself eating the food. Kourtney Kardashian earned praise for her signature salad shake, and Michael Bublé went viral for eating a corn on the cob vertically.

Celebrities’ unusual or out-of-touch food habits, such as Kendall Jenner’s awkward cucumber chopping and Michael Bublé’s vertical corn eating, often go viral and spark intense fan reactions.

Title: Celebrities’ Unusual Food Habits: When Taste Goes Viral

When it comes to cuisine, personal tastes can vary widely. However, for celebrities, even their seemingly ordinary relationship with food can become viral content, sparking fascination and discussion among fans. From Kendall Jenner’s cucumber mishap to Kim Kardashian’s intriguing role as a Chief Taste Consultant, and Kourtney Kardashian’s viral dressing hack, let’s explore some of the intriguing food moments of these celebrities and how they captured the attention of the public.

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In May 2022, Kendall Jenner became the center of attention when her awkward cucumber chopping technique on an episode of The Kardashians went viral. Despite her mom offering the assistance of their personal chef, Kendall insisted on doing it herself, albeit admitting her difficulty in cutting vegetables. Fans reacted intensely to this moment, leading the reality star to express her displeasure with the attention received. Khloé Kardashian, however, took the opportunity to jokingly highlight Kendall’s beauty and implied imperfection, bringing some levity to the situation.

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Kim Kardashian’s role as the Chief Taste Consultant at Beyond Meat was also questioned in June 2022 when an Instagram ad showed her seemingly not eating any of the food. However, she later debunked this perception by sharing a blooper reel that displayed her taking bites from various items. This incident brought attention to the scrutiny celebrities face in regard to their food choices and how even the smallest details are dissected and analyzed by the public.

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Kourtney Kardashian, on the other hand, earned praise for her unique and efficient viral dressing hack. Known for her signature salad shake, she garnered admiration for her method of vigorously tossing her salad in a container to perfectly mix the dressing and vegetables. This creative and practical approach to salad preparation resonated with the public, highlighting the influence celebrities can have on everyday habits and routines.

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Beyond the Kardashian family, another memorable celebrity food moment was created by Michael Bublé in 2016 when he went viral for eating a corn on the cob vertically, taking bites from the top like an ice cream cone. This comical photo sparked a humorous response from the singer, who playfully referred to it as “vegetable harassment” and jokingly defended his unique eating style.

Celebrities’ interactions with food can easily turn into viral sensations, capturing the attention of fans and the public alike. Kendall Jenner’s cucumber incident, Kim Kardashian’s role as a Chief Taste Consultant, Kourtney Kardashian’s viral dressing hack, and Michael Bublé’s unconventional corn-eating style are just a few examples of how celebrities’ food habits become topics of fascination and discussion. These incidents demonstrate the impact and influence celebrities have on even the simplest aspects of our lives, including our relationship with food.

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