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Captain Sandy Yawn Takes Sides with Chef Johnathan Shillingford Over Late-Night Food Requests in Below Deck Mediterranean Premiere

Captain Sandy Yawn sided with Chef Johnathan Shillingford, who refused to wake up and cook late-night snacks for guests during the season 9 premiere of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” causing tension among the crew. Despite facing challenges like a lack of provisions and internal team learning curves, the situation escalated when crew member Elena struggled to fulfill guest requests on her own, leading to a notable conflict highlighted in the episode.

Captain Sandy Yawn sided with Chef Johnathan Shillingford, who refused to wake up and cook late-night food for guests, during the season 9 premiere of Below Deck Mediterranean, causing surprise among some cast members.

Oh boy, Captain Sandy Yawn really threw a curveball at some of the Below Deck Mediterranean crew, didn’t she? She actually sided with Chef Johnathan Shillingford. And get this, it was all because he didn’t leap out of bed to whip up late-night snacks for the guests. Talk about unexpected.

In the thick of the season 9 premiere, chaos was already brewing. No booze or other key items, thanks to a provisioner who bailed. Chief stew Aesha Scott and her crew, Elena Dubaich and Bri Muller, were scrambling. And not in a good, breakfast-egg kind of way.

So, picture this: It’s the first night, and the guests are craving midnight snacks. Grilled cheese, mac and cheese, nachos, and guac. Elena, bless her, tries to wake the chef. But Johnathan? Out cold in his cabin.

Elena’s in a bind. She’s like, "I gotta wake the chef. This is way too much grub for me." She even offers to help him. Teamwork, right?

But Johnathan wasn’t having any of it. He’s like, "Nope, not happening," without even trying to get up. Elena’s left to fend for herself, trying to keep the guests happy.

Elena’s thinking on her feet, though. "I’ve never really cooked for drunk people before," she admits. But grilled cheese? That she can do. Or so she thought.

The guests weren’t thrilled with the limited menu. Enter deckhand Gael Cameron, trying to save the day with sandwich-making skills. But it’s all too much for Elena. She heads back to Johnathan, hoping he’ll reconsider.

Johnathan’s confused. "Why are you back?" he wonders. Elena’s point? If the food’s bad, it reflects poorly on him, too.

Elena’s persistence is something else. She tries to get Johnathan up again, stressing it’s not her job to cook. She’s worried about looking incompetent. "Jono’s selfishness is making me look bad," she laments.

Johnathan’s response? A mix of confusion and frustration. "I hate being woken up," he confesses, clearly annoyed.

Elena gives it one last shot, heading back to the kitchen solo. She’s hoping Johnathan will have a change of heart.

Next week’s teaser? Captain Sandy’s take: "Never wake the chef." Elena’s visibly upset. She’s worked hard, and it’s all about the chef’s sleep schedule?

Sandy Yawn, a Below Deck staple since 2017, shared her leadership philosophy with Us Weekly. It’s all about giving people chances to show they can change.

Every season brings its surprises, Sandy notes. Living and working together? It’s no picnic. She respects the crew’s resilience.

Catch Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 on Bravo, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. Next-day streaming on Peacock for those who missed the boat.

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