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Bubbling over: Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard butt heads on Summer House over Amanda Batula drama

Drama continues to unfold on Summer House as tensions rise between cast members due to relationship issues. Carl Radke confronts Lindsay Hubbard about her mistreatment of Amanda Batula, which Kyle Cooke had previously yelled at Lindsay for. Despite being at the center of the drama, Lindsay appears unfazed and avoids clearing the air with Amanda, causing Carl to call her out for not trying hard enough.

Lindsay and Carl butt heads over her issues with Amanda and tension rises as the group tries to move on from Kyle’s outburst towards Lindsay in episode 6 of Summer House.

On season 7, episode 6 of Summer House, tension was brewing between cast members Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke. After Lindsay’s issues with Amanda Batula spilled over to the group, the drama reached an all-time high. The cast was still reeling from Kyle Cooke yelling at Lindsay over her alleged mean girl tactics one week prior, and it was clear that the group was struggling to move past it.

During the episode, Carl opened up about his feelings regarding the situation. He hadn’t spoken to Kyle since the previous weekend but knew he needed to. The tension had put their friendship in serious jeopardy, and Carl felt he needed to tell Kyle to never talk to his girlfriend like that.

Despite Carl’s concerns, Lindsay appeared unfazed by the entire ordeal. She had no intention of speaking with Amanda and was solely focused on enjoying her time in the house. Amanda, on the other hand, decided to take the high road, refusing to let Lindsay dictate how she spent her summer.

As tensions continued to rise, Carl called out Lindsay for not trying hard enough to make amends with Amanda. But when Lindsay felt Carl was coming at her, she became defensive, causing even more tension within the group. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering what would happen next.

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