CelebritiesBlogBrandon Routh Talks Potential Return for Addison's Father on "Quantum Leap"

Brandon Routh Talks Potential Return for Addison’s Father on “Quantum Leap”

Brandon Routh has said he would be keen to return to Quantum Leap if there was a part. The actor, who starred in Legends of Tomorrow, appeared on the latest episode of the NBC show. During his appearance, Routh’s character helped Ben, played by Raymond Lee, clear the name of Addison’s dad, Alexander.

Brandon Routh expressed interest in potentially returning as Addison’s father in Quantum Leap, saying “all possibilities exist and I would love to be back if it works for the show.”

In a recent interview with Brandon Routh, the actor expressed his enthusiasm about a potential return to Quantum Leap. Routh made his debut on the hit NBC series on March 6, and in the new episode, his character helps clear the name of Addison’s father, Alexander, who was wrongly blamed for a decision that wasn’t his fault. When asked about the possibility of returning to the show, Routh stated: “All possibilities exist, and I would love to be back if it works for the show.”

Despite the excitement surrounding Routh’s arrival, the show’s latest episode has left fans wondering about the future of Quantum Leap. During Ben’s latest leap, he helps Richard Martinez accomplish something, which hints at a larger mystery centered around the recent leap. Caitlin Bassett, who plays Addison, offered insight into the show’s direction, stating, “We are digging deeper into the truth of what’s happening around us…So far, this is the trajectory of the show [and] it absolutely continues to go deeper. It gets very exciting.”

Routh has been a fan of Quantum Leap since his earlier acting days and commented on being a part of the show’s new lore, sharing, “It was very cool to be a part of this new lore. Years ago, I’ve had had the opportunity to work with Scott Bakula, and so that was my first brush with [the show]. He was amazing and awesome then I got to actually be on Quantum Leap.” Despite Routh’s excitement, filming scenes with his onscreen daughter proved to be a challenge, and he explained that it helped to have an idea of who Addison was in the future to inform his performance.

As Quantum Leap continues to forge ahead with each new episode, fans are eagerly anticipating the next few episodes, with Bassett promising a deeper look into the mysterious events surrounding the show’s characters. Quantum Leap airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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