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Ariana Madix’s Friend Discovers Carly Reeves’ Connection to Tom Hanks on ABC’s Claim to Fame

Carly Reeves, who is reportedly Tom Hanks’ niece, is gaining attention for her appearance on the ABC show ‘Claim to Fame’. The reality TV competition challenges contestants to identify their fellow participants based on their connections to celebrities. Carly became frustrated when her identity was quickly discovered and expressed her disappointment at not getting more camera time on the show.

Carly Reeves, who is reportedly Tom Hanks’ niece and may have previously worked as a manager at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant, appeared on ABC’s celebrity guessing game show “Claim to Fame” but was eliminated in the first episode, prompting her to express frustration and disappointment.

Title: Tom Hanks’ Niece Carly Reeves Makes Waves on Celebrity Guessing Game ‘Claim to Fame’

Carly Reeves, known as the niece of renowned actor Tom Hanks, is attracting attention for her appearance on ABC’s celebrity guessing game show, ‘Claim to Fame.’ In a recent episode, Carly’s identity was revealed, causing a mix of surprise and admiration among the contestants. Carly’s connection to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars became the highlight of the show, generating immense buzz on social media.

The reality TV competition, hosted by Kevin Jonas and his youngest brother, Franklin Jonas, revolves around solving clues and riddles to identify fellow contestants based on their relations to various celebrities. However, Carly’s secret connection to Tom Hanks was not concealed well enough, as a fellow contestant named Hugo correctly guessed her famous uncle at the end of the first episode. This revelation left Carly visibly upset, sparking a dramatic meltdown.

Frustrated by the seemingly apparent clues, Carly exclaimed, “These freaking clues were so freaking obvious! A frickin’ bench that’s in the frickin’ poster of frickin’ Forrest Gump? Are you kidding me?” Her outburst showcased her emotional and dramatic nature, expressing disappointment at not being able to play longer and demanding more camera time.

Reflecting on her elimination, Carly admitted to overreacting but acknowledged her emotional nature. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she explained, “I was really upset … but I’m an emotional, very dramatic person. I was really angry that I didn’t get a chance to play as long as some of the other contestants.” Carly also revealed that Tom Hanks was excited for her appearance on ‘Claim to Fame’ and expressed his support. She even shared that he asked her if she made any money from the show, showing his happiness for her success.

Carly Reeves’ brief but impactful stint on ‘Claim to Fame’ has undoubtedly added to her claim to fame beyond her notable family connection. Fans of the show, as well as admirers of Tom Hanks, eagerly followed her journey on the show. As Carly’s moment in the spotlight came to an end, it left viewers wanting more, eager to see what the talented niece of a Hollywood legend would do next.

‘Claim to Fame’ airs on ABC every Monday at 8 p.m. ET, offering viewers an exciting opportunity to discover the remarkable connections between celebrities and their loved ones. Stay tuned to witness more heart-pounding reveals and captivating moments as contestants strive to uncover the secret relationships of the rich and famous.

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