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Ari Shapiro Teases Season 7 of The Mole as Completely Different from Previous Seasons

Ari Shapiro, the host of “The Mole” Season 7, is eager for fans to experience the new episodes, highlighting the season’s unique setting in Malaysia with diverse challenges and a more varied cast in terms of age, background, and skills. The show, which originally aired on ABC and has been rebooted on Netflix, involves contestants working together to add money to a pot while trying to identify the one among them secretly sabotaging their efforts.

Ari Shapiro, the host of “The Mole” Season 7, teases that the new season will be distinct from previous ones, highlighting its setting in Malaysia, a diverse cast, and unique challenges, as the show returns to Netflix with episodes that promise to captivate fans with a mix of tropical islands, caves, and skyscrapers.

Ari Shapiro’s buzzing with excitement. He’s got news for all you The Mole aficionados out there. Season 7? It’s gonna be a wild ride, folks.

Malaysia’s the backdrop this time around. Yep, you heard that right. We’re talking tropical islands, mysterious caves, and towering skyscrapers. Shapiro, at 45, spilled the beans to Us Weekly just before the series made its grand return to Netflix.

And the cast? Oh, it’s diverse. But Shapiro’s quick to clarify – he’s not just throwing around buzzwords here. He means it in the broadest sense.

Imagine a group where every single person brings something unique to the table. Puzzle masters, athletes, you name it. Their ages, backgrounds, and beliefs? As varied as can be. Shapiro found the mix electrifying.

The Mole isn’t new to the scene. It first hit the airwaves on ABC back in the early 2000s, then Netflix gave it a new lease of life two decades later. The premise? A group of contestants works together to fill up a cash pot, but among them lurks "The Mole," tasked with throwing spanners in the works.

Flashback to the original ABC days – Anderson Cooper was at the helm. Fast forward, and we’ve seen a few more faces take on the hosting gig. Shapiro, though? He’s determined to carve his own path.

Friendships and weddings aside (yeah, he officiated Alex Wagner’s), Shapiro’s focus was on being authentically himself. Imagine having someone in your living room, guiding you through each twist and turn of the adventure. That’s the vibe he aimed for.

Interestingly, Shapiro initially threw his hat in the ring to be a contestant. Fate had other plans, though, making him the show’s fifth host.

He shared a little behind-the-scenes tidbit with us. Every eliminated contestant, as they walked to their car, expressed regret at not being able to see how the rest of the season unfolded. Shapiro, guaranteed to witness it all, found that aspect of hosting particularly rewarding.

Reflecting on his hosting stint, Shapiro emphasized his desire to stay true to himself. His goal was to let his genuine excitement and passion for the show shine through.

And so, The Mole embarked on its Netflix journey on June 28, promising viewers a weekly dose of intrigue and adventure.

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