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Alexia Nepola from Real Housewives of Miami Communicates with Ex Todd Nepola Amid Divorce Proceedings

Alexia Nepola, star of “The Real Housewives of Miami,” has been communicating intermittently with her ex, Todd Nepola, following his divorce filing, despite sparking rumors of a reconciliation during her trip to Europe. The couple, who have had an on-and-off relationship since their split, are not currently together, as Alexia focuses on traveling and enjoying her time in Paris and London with friends.

Alexia Nepola from “The Real Housewives of Miami” has been intermittently communicating with her ex, Todd Nepola, following his divorce filing, amidst speculation of their time together in Europe, which she clarified by stating her social media posts were a way of expressing her thoughts about him.

Oh, the drama of love and separation, especially when it’s splashed across the headlines. Alexia Nepola, known for her role in “The Real Housewives of Miami,” and Todd Nepola’s love saga continues to unfold in the most public way possible. Despite their ongoing divorce, rumors swirled about them rekindling their romance in Europe. But, let’s clear the air: that’s not exactly what’s happening.

Alexia did tag Todd in a post from Madrid. It was her subtle way of saying he was on her mind, despite their “on and off” communication status. Before jetting off, their conversations were as sporadic as the European weather they used to enjoy together every summer. She misses him, that much is clear.

Despite the whispers of a possible reconciliation, Alexia is embracing her “first time” in Europe sans Todd. She’s leaning into the single life, exploring Paris and London with friends. It’s her way of shifting focus from the heartache of divorce to the joy of discovery.

Their story took a turn when Todd filed for divorce earlier this year. The couple had tied the knot in 2021 after years of dating, marking a new chapter for Alexia, who had faced her share of loss and love in the past. Her marriage to Peter Rosello Sr. gave her two sons, and her later relationship with Herman Echevarria ended tragically with his death in 2016.

Alexia’s response to the divorce filing was one of shock and heartbreak. She turned to her Instagram Story, a modern-day diary, to express her disbelief and find solace in the support of friends and family.

But the plot thickens. Alexia revealed that she and Todd hadn’t given up on each other just yet. They sought help through couples therapy, trying to mend the rift between them. Their physical connection remained unbroken, a testament to their lingering affection.

Yet, Todd’s decision to end the marriage left Alexia feeling blindsided. She believed their issues were no different from any other couple’s—solvable problems that required understanding and compromise. But, as she later realized, their biggest hurdle was finding a resolution they both could accept.

A second source hinted at a more complicated picture, suggesting that by the time Alexia shared her thoughts on a podcast, she and Todd had hit a significant rough patch. They decided to take a break, cutting off communication in hopes of finding clarity.

Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness are never straightforward, especially under the glare of public scrutiny. As Alexia and Todd navigate their separate paths, one thing remains clear: the journey is as unpredictable as it is public.

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